Now is the time for all of us to dig deep and fight for the world we want to live in. image

Now is the time for all of us to dig deep and fight for the world we want to live in.

Donate to support, engage, and empower immigrant youth.

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Atlas: Developing Immigrant Youth is an incubator of community, education, and empowerment for immigrant youth and their allies.

Atlas: DIY was founded on the idea that young people who are directly affected by our immigration system can be leaders and changemakers right here and right now. Every one of our members not only receives access to free legal services, but also becomes informed and encouraged to become a community advocate for change.

There are incredible threats facing immigrant communities right now. There have been cruel changes in immigration policies and enforcement in the last year. In addition, even simple immigration applications are being processed more and more slowly.

With your help, we can make sure that young people aren’t denied their rights and have a fair chance to learn, grow, and contribute here in the US.

"Without comprehension, the immigrant would forever remain shut — a stranger in America. Until America can release the heart as well as train the hand of the immigrant, he would forever remain driven back upon himself, corroded by the very richness of the unused gifts within his soul." -- Anzia Yerzierska


In addition to making a credit card donation through this secure form, we offer additional ways to provide support:


If you prefer, you can make a donation by sending a check to:

Atlas: Developing Immigrant Youth
Attn: Development
Brooklyn, New York 11232

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Atlas: DIY Corporation, Inc is a 501(c)(3) organization. Contributions are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law. Our EIN (Tax ID) is 45-4316117.